Wash And Fold Meets Back To School Needs

Don’t put your dry cleaner in a box! They can help you clean a lot more than just those “dry clean only” items. Give your everyday wear the same love that you do your work attire with wash and fold services.

Think about how often you change what you’re wearing – your working from home attire might look different from your running errands outfit versus your loungewear when the day’s over. And kids change their clothes often too, especially with back-to-school routines starting up again. Rest assured, the weight of laundry doesn’t need to fall on your already busy shoulders. Cue the perfect solution to save you time and effort.

Wash and fold services make it easy for you to take care of the laundry. Sorting your clothes, washing, and folding can all be taken care of by a GreenEarth Affiliate. They’ll sanitize and disinfect your garments so they are safe and soft on your skin and ready to be worn again.

And for those garments that need dry cleaned, GreenEarth is a non-toxic cleaning system without harsh chemicals or odor. So it’s ideal for sensitive skin and comfortable for kids and adults alike.

When you’ve got a lot going on, trust a GreenEarth Affiliate to cross laundry off that to-do list with wash and fold. Find an affiliate near you here.