Damage – Water

Removing mold / mildew from machine-washable items

If garments are still wet, lay in the sun to dry. Dry heat and light help to kill mold. If your item is labeled dry clean only, take it to a cleaner after it is dry. If your item is


Do not put quilts stuffed with cotton batting in the washing machine – the stuffing will get bunched up and clumpy. Hand wash in a large laundry tub or bathtub. Use ½ cup vinegar to help dissolve all of the

Black water

Black water is water that is contaminated and unsanitary. It may not always appear “dirty,” so it is important to know the source of the water. Flooding from sea, river, and lake water is classified as black water because of

Grey water

Grey water is water that has biological organisms, contaminating chemicals, dirt, or other organic matter in it. It may have a cloudy appearance and would be unsafe for human consumption. Examples of grey water are used laundry or dish water,

Clean water

Clean water is water that has no contaminants or organic matter in it. If your clothing was damaged by water from a fire hose, broken water line, clean toilet, sink, bathtub, or rain/snow/ice, then it has clean water damage. However,

Kinds of water damage

In cases of severe flooding, no matter where the water came from, it has probably come into contact with many other substances present in your home and surrounding areas. For this reason, it is important to be careful handling water